Each year students and teachers around the world compete for the privilege of becoming JASON Argonauts. Those selected travel to exciting research locations and work side-by-side with scientists and engineers, many of whom they’ve come to know through JASON curricula. In doing so, they are the eyes and ears of their peers back home, experiencing real scientific research and sharing those experiences with the entire JASON community.

JASON Learning, thanks to the generosity of the Argonaut Program's supporters, covers expenses for all lodging, food, programming, and equipment costs related to the Argonaut experience.

Who Should Apply?

JASON is seeking a diverse group of educators who:
  • Demonstrate outstanding performance in working with students
  • Demonstrate a strong interest and ability in science
  • Possess excellent leadership and teamwork skills
  • Are self-motivated, creative, and adventurous, taking personal initiative to meet challenges and overcome obstacles
  • Possess excellent communication skills and are comfortable in front of a crowd, or a camera
  • Exhibit an eagerness to participate in field activities which may be outdoors and/or strenuous in nature. Activities, locations, or conditions may include, but are not limited to: 
    • Swimming
    • Snorkeling
    • Rock climbing
    • Extensive hiking/backpacking
    • Underground exploration (caves or mines)
    • Small/confined spaces
    • Heights
    • Adverse weather conditions (temperature extremes, rain, wind, etc.)
    • Interesting critters
    • A variety of lodging possibilities, including dormitory-style, camping, and others
  • Currently possess or can obtain a passport if selected for travel to an international expedition location (optional—may be considered for a US expedition if passport is an issue)
  • Have five or more years of experience working with students
  • Plan to continue working as an educator in school year following your JASON expedition 
  • Have ideally used JASON and/or its Immersion Learning program in an educational setting 

How Do I Apply?

1. Allow yourself plenty of time to work on your application -- it always takes longer than anticipated, and has several components that depend upon the help (and time) of others! Review the contents of the application form below to get a sense of the required components.

2. You will need to download and submit these documents as part of your online application:
  • Administrator statement of support
  • Medical statement
  • Personal release form
  • Liability release form
3. Fill in the online application form as completely and accurately as possible. 

4. Take extra time and care on the personal essays and video components. These are the best way to distinguish yourself as a great Argonaut candidate and are relied on heavily during the selection process.

5. Remember that you can save your application as a draft in progress, and return to it later to complete and submit it.

6. JASON has moved its Argonaut Program to a rolling application process -- you may submit your application anytime during the course of the year. Our expedition season can begin as early as March and run as late as October. Team selections and assignments can happen at any time during the year, but most are made in February and March in advance of the busy spring and summer expedition months. 

Completing and submitting your application by January 15th is the best way to guarantee that you will be considered for one of that year's expeditions.

If you are not selected in a given year, your application stays within our system for consideration the following year if you still meet all of the eligibility requirements. You may request to update your application information, attach new documents, write new essays or submit a new video prior to the subsequent year's application review process. JASON will send out an email to let you know when that can take place.


For a list of frequently asked questions (and their answers!) about the Argonaut Program, check the Argo FAQ page on the JASON website.

If you have questions that are not addressed in the FAQ, please email us at argo@jason.org.

Privacy Policy

JASON Learning recognizes the importance of maintaining the privacy of participants. We have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our commitment to privacy by disclosing the privacy practices of JASON Learning. By filling out and sending in this application, you consent and agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

We gather personal information to allow us to process your application, to provide information about our other educational offerings, and to inform you of future programs that might be of interest to you. From time to time, you may receive e-mail and other mailings from JASON Learning and our close partners.

We will not sell or distribute your personal information to other organizations for any purpose that is not related to JASON Learning. Your personal information is not available to anyone except staff, contractors, and volunteers (including members of the Argonaut selection committees) assisting JASON Learning in the administration of this program.