This is step 1 of a 2-step process. Fill out the form below to let us know you are interested in the applying to become a JASON  Argonaut. If you are eligible we'll send you a link to complete the full application soon after.

NOTE: when creating a Submittable account, please use a personal email address (not a school-provided email). This will help ensure that automated Submittable messages reach you. Students may want to consider using a parent or guardian's email address for this purpose.

More information on the JASON Argonaut Program and our application process can be found at 

The educator (or parent) should be submitting entries with a Submittable account (choose "Sign Up" below) using the educator/parent's contact information. Please submit 1 entry per team of 1-4 students. 

Note that you should complete the fields for additional students only if this is a team entry; otherwise leave those fields blank. 

You may download the student release form required for contest entry here: 

One release form is required per team member.

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